Portfolio Management

Where Are You Today?

“I need someone to listen to me and discuss my ideas.”

“We’ve spent our lives working and saving, and now we want someone to help us spend and invest wisely.  We’ve come too far to make any mistakes now.”

“I’m not looking for a computer-generated investment plan. I want an advisor to support me personally and make the best decisions for my needs and goals.”

“We were working with another advisor and realized we ended up with  some investments we couldn’t understand, so we realized we needed somebody we could trust.”

“I want to make sure my investments support the types of companies and industries that align with my values.”

“I don’t have an overarching strategy, and I’m struggling to see the big picture.”

Your Investments Support Your Goals

Topsfield Financial Group is an independent, fee-based firm of fiduciaries. We don’t accept incentives or referral fees; we’re solely compensated by our clients. This means we’re not tied to selling products but to finding the best strategies for your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, and other needs.

Our Team Approach

When you work with Topsfield Financial Group, you get more than just a financial advisor. Your team will include certified financial planners, a chartered financial analyst, and a tax expert.   Whether you are still working or enjoying life after work, you must consider several factors, such as income and estate taxes, life insurance needs analysis, gifting, and leaving assets to others.  Most importantly, this holistic approach can provide you with a plan that addresses many forms of risk including the detrimental impact of rising inflation,  the consequences of market volatility,  and the threat of outliving your assets.

“It’s excellent working with Jim and Cyndi. They’re smart. They know what they’re doing. I invest a lot of money with them. I trust them. They set me straight and know what to do. They are my personal and financial advisors. I don’t really do anything, or make a decision on most things, without talking to them first.” -Mark S.
“They’ve been really good about understanding my individual priorities, designing a strategy that fits them, and allowing for those priorities to change. They also know that I want my money to go into more socially conscious investments and they help me find good investment opportunities that also match my values.” – Laura K.
“It’s the feeling of comfort and knowing that I’m doing everything possible to make sure that I’m safeguarding my money, but I’m also continuing to earn what I need to earn. Obviously, things certainly could happen. There’s no doubt about it, but I know that things are going to be okay. We’re making smart choices.” – Shirley J.

Our Process

We understand that it’s not always easy to discuss your finances. Economic decisions can be stressful and often bring up very personal issues. That’s why our team focuses on explaining everything in simple terms and connecting our ideas to your specific circumstances. As we learn about you and you learn about us, we can begin to forge a relationship built upon trust and an understanding that we place your interests — whatever they may be — before our own.


Open and Honest Discussions
We love talking to people and hearing their stories.  We dedicate our time to understanding your personal and financial circumstances, as well as learning about your goals and values.



Creating Your Financial Picture
Working together on a financial plan is a visual experience. In this stage, we bring everything together and we help you SEE how you can achieve your goals.


Making Your Goals a Reality
Once your plan is in place, we manage your investments so that your only job is to keep us updated on life changes that may impact your financial plan.