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Personalized Financial Planning

We all know what it’s like to have concerns about money and investments. A personal financial plan allows you to peek into the future and see what’s possible (and why).  As seasoned advisors, we’re here to help clients address those concerns, answer questions, and provide advice.

Younger families want to better understand retirement funding, Roth accounts, insurance, debt, and educational funding. They often seek help in setting up their estate documents, company stock ownership, navigating life insurance, and college loans. It is not uncommon to talk about prenuptial agreements or investing in other asset classes such as income producing real estate. Younger families need to understand the real value and composition of their future earnings, and how that could influence their investment decisions.

Pre-retirees want to make sure they are on track to retire and what needs to be addressed if they aren’t. They want help identifying future sources of retirement income including social security delay decisions and pension options. Household cashflow analysis could include paying for health care until Medicare is available, or tax aware “bridging strategies” that identify why, when or where self-funding should come from. It is not uncommon for pre-retirees to begin consolidating old retirement accounts, consider selling employee-owned stock, reviewing beneficiary designations, and updating original estate planning documents.

Retirees seek our oversight in asset allocation and portfolio management, but we also bring to their attention the potential impact of inflation or how a drop in the stock market could affect their plans, particularly in the early years. We want to know what this new life chapter means to them. We revisit reliable sources of income, life insurance policies, estate planning documents, and nursing home considerations. We listen to their thoughts about enjoying life, aging in place, extended family, spending patterns, travel, and gifting

Businesses owners appreciate our integration of their personal, financial, and business planning. They may also have a need to discuss or implement the appropriate workplace retirement plan, risk management, or exit strategies.

Our goal is to help you exceed your expectations for wealth accumulation.

Reach your goals on target and on time with sound investing paired with estate considerations, risk management, and tax efficiency.

Our Approach

We believe that financial planning is really life planning and your investments should closely align with your personal values. When you work with Topsfield Financial Group, you’ll get a personalized roadmap to achieve your financial goals.

Technology allows us to provide you with the closest thing to a crystal ball you can get. We’ll use statistical models to predict different scenarios, and represent them in an easy visual format. Then, we can help you identify the financial and investment plan that matches your vision the most closely.

Our Process

We understand that it’s not always easy to discuss your finances. Economic decisions can be stressful and often bring up very personal issues. That’s why our team focuses on explaining everything in simple terms and connecting our ideas to your specific circumstances. As we learn about you and you learn about us, we can begin to forge a relationship built upon trust and an understanding that we place your interests — whatever they may be — before our own.


Open and Honest Discussions
We love talking to people and hearing their stories.  We dedicate our time to understanding your personal and financial circumstances, as well as learning about your goals and values.



Creating Your Financial Picture
Working together on a financial plan is a visual experience. In this stage, we bring everything together and we help you SEE how you can achieve your goals.


Making Your Goals a Reality
Once your plan is in place, we manage your investments so that your only job is to keep us updated on life changes that may impact your financial plan.

“They’ve been really good about understanding my individual priorities, designing a strategy that fits them, and allowing for those priorities to change. They also know that I want my money to go into more socially conscious investments and they help me find good investment opportunities that also match my values.” – Laura K.
“To be able to have everything in one place visually and to talk to somebody about my overarching portfolio, including both the accounts they manage and the ones that they don’t manage {at work}. It all kind of fits together to tell that story, to help me see the big picture. I needed that sense of relief.” -Shirley J.
“They’re really good at simplifying financial planning and tying it back to real life events, like planning for kids through college or what happens if you lose your parents. They like to ask about my income, if I’m happy with my job, do I have two cars that are in good working order, am I looking to get a new one in a year, are my wife and I both healthy, will we be changing careers, and all those little things that financial advisors don’t usually think about. They do it with more compassion and more thoughtfulness than other advisors.” -James K.

 Topsfield Financial Group Advisors

Our team is made up of educators and nurturers at heart.  Our professional commitment is to help as many people as possible experience the power of pairing a solid personal financial plan with smart portfolio management.

Can I Afford A Financial Advisor?

Topsfield Financial Group is keenly aware of the impact fees can have on wealth accumulation and why we strive to keep our costs as low as possible, with no additional expense for financial planning.

Everyone Deserves Professional Financial Planning

There’s nothing we love more than helping someone realize they have the power to reach their financial goals. For some investors, this is best accomplished through guidance that connects working, saving, investing, and spending.

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