About Topsfield Financial Group

Everyone deserves expert financial advice and portfolio management.

Topsfield Financial Group is an independent, fee based financial planning firm based in Topsfield, Massachusetts. We provide portfolio management services paired with financial planning, and we’re on a mission to help people from all walks of life realize the power of investing to change the trajectory of their lives.

We’ll help you take control of your finances so that you can take control of your future.

Topsfield Financial Group was born from our experiences. We watched countless hard-working, everyday people miss out on the financial opportunities available to them simply because they lacked the necessary guidance.

So often, the financial industry can seem uninviting to those that need the most help. We provide wealth management for many high-net-worth families and individuals, but we also believe “high net worth” is a relative term that means different things to different people. 



Jim Ugone, CEPA

Founder & Investment Advisor; Series 6, 63, and 65

Cyndi Deal, CFP®

Investment Advisor; Series 65

Gavin Ugone, CFP®

Client Service Associate; Series 65

Mark Gatti, EA, CFP®

Tax Specialist; Series 6,7, and 63

The Topsfield Financial Group team is made up of educators and nurturers at heart.  Our greatest desire is to help as many people as possible experience the power of pairing a solid personal financial plan with smart portfolio management. 

Want to know how Topsfield Financial Group came to be?

I’m Jim Ugone, and this is the story of Topsfield Financial Group.

The idea for Topsfield Financial Group was born while I was living overseas after having sold my insurance business. Aside from a once in a lifetime experience, my family and I moved abroad in 2005 to evaluate what was really important to us, and particularly to me and my career path.

But my story doesn’t begin in Europe, it actually begins as a young man very interested in plants!

You see, I love all things horticultural. In fact, I love plants so much that I followed a collegiate path and dream to become a high school agricultural teacher. It was teaching that taught me to listen and better understand how people process information, two skills that eventually led to a more financially bright future for my family. Teaching opened a door at Farm Family, a small agriculturally based insurance company. I remained with Farm Family for 17 years and learned firsthand that clients could be making better financial decisions. What they needed was a good financial advisor, and I believed I could help.

So, in 1996 while still in the insurance business, I partnered with Commonwealth Equity Inc., and thus began my career as a financial advisor and investment manager.  Simultaneously, my role at Farm Family grew to include the management of 13 offices, 14 agents and more than $40M of insurance premium.  My business was exploding and rewarding as it was, my passion for helping people make good financial decisions was growing as well.  After selling the insurance business and returning from Italy in 2006, I formed our fee based fiduciary practice, Farmers Financial Group.  My plan was to assemble a team that included certified financial planners, a tax expert, and a chartered financial analyst to support our clients and methodology of portfolio management.

Eventually, Farmers Financial became Topsfield Financial Group, named for the town where it was founded and the area where the majority of our original clients were based. Today, we serve a broad range of clients from all across the U.S., and even though our principles and commitments haven’t changed, we wanted to modernize our graphics and online presence to reflect the true scope of clients and professional services we offer. We remain committed to our industry, clients, and the high standards of our fiduciary based relationships.  We know our rules-based approach to portfolio construction along with our team and state of the art financial planning software, helps simplify challenging decisions and gives meaning and direction to working, saving, spending, and investing.

Forever at the heart of Topsfield Financial Group are the personal relationships we have with our clients. They have trusted us for decades to provide tailored financial advice for every stage of their life’s journey.

Well, that’s our story. We’re excited to get to know yours…