Life Changes

Financial Strategies for Major Life Changes and Circumstances

We all experience major life events that could benefit from professional financial guidance.

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes they’re pleasant and exciting — but other times they cause instant financial stress and anxiety. During these life events, you may need to change the way you think about and handle your money or manage risk.

Working with a caring financial advisor can bring you more peace of mind in these challenging times. Here are a few of the biggest and most common scenarios our clients encounter.


Are you prepared to enjoy your life after work? You deserve a break, but longevity risk is real — and so is inflation.  Having a plan is essential.
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Preparing for college is on the minds of many parents. What’s the best way to pay for it?
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Are you thinking about getting married? Or maybe divorced?
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If you are considering or experiencing a change in your career, we’re here to help.
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Buying, selling or inheriting property can get complicated.  We can help you cover your bases.
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Unplanned events require an understanding of risk and preparing to manage it.
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Which type of college makes sense? What about financial aid or loans? Going to college can be expensive, so knowing how best to pay and save for it is essential. At Topsfield Financial Group, if we find that 529 college savings plans are appropriate for you, we help our clients to set them up at no extra cost.


Preparing for a life together (or apart) presents many financial issues and considerations, so it’s crucial to plan for the future. At Topsfield Financial Group, we care about knowing every detail of your situation, so we aim to become active members (if not the quarterbacks) of your trusted circle of advisors, liaising alongside your attorney, accountant and insurance professional.


You may find yourself needing to make challenging financial decisions during times of illness, hospitalization, or the loss of a loved one. These unplanned events can have deep and far-reaching impacts — not just on your life, but on your finances. We’re here to help you prepare for the unknown and ease your burden during these times.

We’re Here For You

“I was able to make a career change at 42, with a wife and two small children, and take like a $20,000 hit a year with Jim and Cyndi’s help because they were able to make sure that my family would be financially sound to do it.” -James K. 

“I was getting married, so my future husband and I were joining. We wanted to be able to see everything together in one place. I find Topsfield Financial Group’s customer portal to be very reassuring, to be able to look at all of our assets and see all of the numbers together.” -Laura K.

“With my parents, they were right there to help get them set up and make the best of a bad situation. My dad got sick and had a very short window and he was no longer mobile. I called Jim and within a week, Jim was at my parent’s house with me, sitting in my parent’s bedroom, talking to my father, advising what we can do, how we should do it and how quickly to move. Then when he passed, Jim was there to help my mother. That’s not your typical, or really any, business relationship anymore. You know, for someone to make a house call like that.” – Robin M.

We walk shoulder to shoulder with our clients through life’s happiest and sometimes most difficult moments.

The Topsfield Financial Group team is made up of educators and nurturers at heart.  Our greatest desire is to help as many people as possible experience the power of pairing a solid personal financial plan with smart portfolio management.

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