Thinking about joining Topsfield Financial Group? If so, it’s pretty simple:

Step I: Information sharing and discovery

Initial conversations usually begin with a phone call discussing what services you may be seeking and allows us to share some information about us.  If the discussion feels right to you, we’ll follow up with an email that confirms a date for our first in-depth meeting which can be in our office or online.  We follow our phone discussion with an email that provides you with certain disclosures routine to our industry and more explanatory of our firm’s practices.


Step II: Building a financial plan and pairing it with the appropriate exposure to stocks and bonds

In our first meeting we carefully listen to you, where you are today and your thoughts about the future.  We explore investments, net worth, cashflow, and savings. You can experience a sample financial plan and review the reports you would receive. We discuss our investment philosophy, roles as fiduciaries, and performance history.   At this stage you will have enough information about us to weigh the benefits of our advice, fee structure, and the merits of our investment management.

For us, the excitement builds as we get the greenlight from you to create your financial plan. We often model various scenarios such as life beyond work, the impact of inflation, when to start social security, estate taxation, and the possibilities of gifting.  A good financial plan will address your fear of outliving your assets, identify random outcomes, help create a travel, wedding or college budget, and can determine if you can afford that first (or second) home.

Step III: Monitoring portfolios, performance and the progression of your plan

Clients have daily, monthly, and mobile access to account values and their financial plan.  Each quarter we report performance, fees, and provide a market commentary.  In as much as we like to meet at least annually, clients feel comfortable talking to us any time they think a financial decision may need a second pair of eyes or in periods of extreme market volatility.

How Can We Help?

Every day we take the complexity out of financial planning for our clients. We can make it simple for you too, so don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you need someone to look over things with you.

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